My brother graduated from college on Sunday. It was wonderful in so many ways, except that the ceremony took place outdoors in 45-degree weather with intermittent rain. I was completely underdressed and by the time we went to dinner, after about 6 hours outside, I was already feeling the chill. By Monday it was a full blown sinus/respiratory infection. My body felt okay, but my face and throat were a mess (so not to worry, it’s not swine flu).

Unfortunately, yesterday, I was still feeling unwell, and my stuffiness had given way to a horrible hacking cough. The timing couldn’t have been worse, as the Wall Street run was last night. It was my first practice race in marathon training. But it also meant something more to me. Two years ago I “ran” this very same race. It is the only other organized race in which I have ever participated. At the time I was horribly out of shape. I didn’t go to the gym at all and I did exactly one practice jog before the race itself. Ultimately, I ran some and walked some and my final time was 39 minutes or so.

My life is different now! I’ve been a regular at the gym for months and I’ve been running three times a week, building up my distances and improving my times. On Saturday, it took me 42 minutes to run 4 miles. So I really thought it was reasonable to ask myself to run the race last night in 30 minutes. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t used to running in a crowd, or because I was feeling so ill, or because I was just having an “off” day, but my time was 36:01. Only three minutes faster than the “old” me.

I was – and am – so disappointed. It sucks to not reach a goal, especially one that I honestly thought was so reasonable. We went straight home after the race (Chuck ran too – a fabulous 23:17), where I kicked off my sneakers, laid on the couch, and did not get up until this morning. (To be fair, not just because I was being a drama queen, but because I felt even sicker after running 3 miles, and when I am sick I always sleep on the couch.)

But today is a new day. Yes, yesterday sucked. I have to believe that it will get easier, though! And now I have another blog to follow that I think will give me some inspiration. Here’s hoping.


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